March is Colorado’s Snowiest Month Along the Front Range

March is typically the Front Range of Colorado’s snowiest month of the year.  Some of the biggest snow storms have occurred during the month of March in Denver history with the last one in 2003 which resulted in the most snow ever for the month with 35.2″ in Denver.  We will certainly need some snow this month to help  make up for the lack of snow for the winter season so far and help alleviate the wild land fire threat which rears its ugly head every spring.  The likelihood of above normal snowfall is looking low this year with near normal snowfall expected this month for most locations along the Front Range.  Below is the snowiest months in order for the Denver Metro area:

1. March – 11.7″

2. November – 10.7

3. April – 9.1″

4. December – 8.7″

5. January – 7.7″

6. February – 6.3″

7. October – 4.1″

8. September – 2.1″

9. May – 1.3″

10. June – Trace

March being the snowiest month may not surprise many, but April coming in at number 3 should raise some eyebrows.  The snow typically does not stick around very long in April but it sure can snow with heavy wet branch breaking snowfall and high water content typical of April storms.


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