Severe Thunderstorms Strike The Front Range Again

Severe thunderstorms impacted much of the Front Range on Tuesday June 19th, less than 24 hours after Monday’s severe weather outbreak over Colorado. Tuesday’s storms brought heavy rainfall, tornadoes, and hail up to 3.00″ in diameter to several portions of eastern Colorado. Severe hail was reported as far north as the Fort Collins area, while additional storms further south pounded portions of Littleton, Parker, Centennial, and Aurora. Sadly, some areas in E Boulder County and SW Weld County experienced severe hail for the 2nd consecutive day. 

Here are a few maps of preliminary hail reports across the Front Range. The Fort Collins and Greeley area experienced severe hail between 1.25-1.75″ in diameter (click image to enlarge)
Further south, severe hail struck the Niwot, Longmont, Firestone, and Hudson areas with hail diameter between 1.25-2.00″ reported. The largest hail on Tuesday was reported over southern and eastern portions of the Denver Metro area, which saw hail diameter size between 1.25-3.00″. Here are a few pictures of hailstones just shy of tennis ball sized (2.5″), sent to us from a Skyview Weather friend in S Aurora. 

While consecutive days of severe hail are generally rare over the Front Range Urban Corridor, hail of this magnitude is certainly not unheard of. Regardless, these communities are certainly still reeling from damages incurred over the past 48-hours. The best news we received was there were no reports of serious injury or loss of life associated with Monday or Tuesday’s severe thunderstorms. Though, the financial burden of damages and impact on local communities will certainly be felt for months to come. 

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