A Scary Halloween Forecast for the Front Range of Colorado

Halloween can be notorious for bad weather here in Colorado along the I-25 corridor from Fort Collins to Pueblo.  The past few years the weather has been fairly nice but residents that have lived here awhile know all to well about how cold and snowy it can be on Halloween.  This year is shaping up to be active as the month ends with a storm system moving into Colorado on Tuesday the 30th.  This storm system will likely start out as rain for many areas outside the mountains and foothills but colder air will arrive overnight Tuesday with rain changing over to snow.  Snow is then likely into the day on Wednesday (Halloween) slowly ending form N to S as the day progresses.  As the storm clears temperatures will drop making for a frighteningly cold trick or treat forecast with snow on the ground and ice developing Wednesday evening.  Make sure you are prepared to deal with cold temperatures and slippery surfaces as you take the kiddos out trick-or-treating Wednesday evening.     

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