Colorado High Country Snow

It has been a mild past week in the Colorado High Country with very little to no new snow.  High pressure has dominated over the region this past week allowing warmer temperatures and sunny skies for most of the week.  A push of moisture from the west looks to be heading in this week, bu snowfall amounts appear to be minimal over the next couple of days.  Here is a look at the percent probability of snow over 0.1″ per NWS:

Definitely appears as though we will get some snow in the Colorado High Country, but it will most likely be minimal as seen with the same map with chances of 2″ or greater:

Based on these percentages, it is fair to say the most likely scenario this week is light snow favoring the norther and central portions of Colorado, with very shallow fresh powder expected.  I will check later in the week to see how this weekend looks and will let you know!

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