Great Day To Go Skiing!

Today would be a great day to get up to the Colorado High Country to ski as most areas in the mountains are expected to see fresh snow!  Snowfall will most likely be light, mainly in the 1-3″ range with some areas, especially western facing slopes seeing slightly higher snowfall totals.  Driving around shouldn’t be too much of an issues as long as you’re prepared, but higher elevations and mountain passes could see some blizzard like conditions at times due to high winds and blowing snow as this storm system moves through.  Light snowfall should continue through Monday, with a strong storm system poised to hit Colorado and the Front Range late Tuesday through Wednesday.

Expected Snowfall per NWS:

Expected Snowfall - Official NWS Forecast

Percent Chance 0.1″ or more of Snowfall per NWS:

Percent Chance 2″ or Greater of Snowfall per NWS:

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