New Years Even Snow Across The Denver Metro

A blustery storm system moved through Colorado New Years Eve bringing snow across the region along with very cold temperatures.  Unfortunately temperatures were too cold to enable good dendrite growth leading to most falling snow to be a very light, powdery snow.  Strong winds from the north throughout the day caused blowing snow and poor visibility with small drifting in some areas.  Preliminary snow totals this morning around 8:30 AM via local storm reports are as follows:

Snow favored the western and south side of the Denver Metro Area with totals ranging from 2-4″.  Denver, north and east had less accumulations between 1-1.5″ reported with DIA’s official total coming in at only 0.5″ from New Years Eve’s storm.  Hopefully this will lead to a more active winter as Denver has seen little to no snow so far this season.    

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