Colorado Snow Pack Improving!

Heavy mountain snow over the last month has really helped out Colorado’s snow pack, especially in the southwest area along the San Juan mountain range.  Previously SWE (Snow Water Equivalent), what is used to monitor Colorado’s drought, totals were around 70% for the San Juan mountain range indicating drought like conditions since there has been very little snow that has fallen early this season in and around that area.  Fortunately that has changed recently and the southwest region is close to 100% of average for snow pack from a multitude of strong storm systems that have dumped beneficial snow over the region.  This has raised Colorado to 109% statewide and is the first time Colorado has been over 100% total SWE this season! 

For reference, here is the snow pack from earlier this month with statewide SWE at 95%:

Current as of 1/25/2019 statewide SWE at 109%:



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