Colorado Snow Pack Still Improving

Colorado’s snow pack continues to improve this season as a more active storm pattern has hit the high country during the start of 2019.  Colorado’s snow pack statewide has increased to 109% and will continue to increase as snow is poised to hit the high country starting today and lasting through tomorrow.  Snow totals expected for the high country over the next two days are anywhere between 2-4″ for most areas, while higher elevations and western facing slopes could see upwards of 6-8″.  Gusty winds associated with this disturbance will make for hazardous driving conditions for people making their way back from the high country today and tomorrow.  Expect slower than usual travel times, with dangerous conditions at higher elevations and mountain passes due to blowing snow causing white out conditions in some areas.  

Snow totals per NWS for the next two days are as follows:

Chances for snow over 1″ per NWS:

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