Record Snowfall for Minneapolis in February 2019

Heavy snowfall totals from Wednesday’s storm have catapulted February 2019 into the record books for the Twin Cities.  Minneapolis snow totals were in the 8-11″ range, including a total of 8.9″ at the official NWS location at the MSP Airport. 

The map below shows regional snowfall totals from this storm, indicating wide swath of heavy snow totals across southern and central Minnesota (image source:



The 8.9″ recorded with this storm brings the monthly snowfall total in Minneapolis-St. Paul to 30.4″, making it the snowiest February on record!

In addition, the 30.4″ in February 2019 is currently tied for the 10th snowiest month on record in Minneapolis-St. Paul, and there is still a week left to go in the month.  See below the list of the 10 snowiest months ever recorded in MSP:

  1.   46.9″ (November 1991)
  2.   46.4″  (January 1982)
  3.   40.0″  (March 1951)
  4.   37.1″  (March 1965)
  5.   36.8″  (March 1985)
  6.   35.3″  (January 1967)
  7.   33.6″  (December 2010)
  8.   33.2″  (December 1969)
  9.   33.1″  (January 1999)
  10.   30.4″  (February 2019)

There is still a week left in the month, with additional snowfall expected across the Twin Cities this weekend.  As a result, we may see the total monthly snowfall climb up the list in the top ten before the month comes to an end.

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