Even More Snow for the Colorado High Country

Colorado’s High Country can’t seem to get a good break from snow this year as round after round of snow has impacted the region, which in turn has helped Colorado’s snow pack tremendously, but also caused very dangerous avalanche conditions.  Multiple rounds of heavy snow tends to lead to layering of snow, with different densities, which increases the risk for avalanches.  In addition to all the snow that has already fallen in the Colorado High Country, another powerful round of snow is poised to impact the High Country over the next few days.  Most mountain areas will see snow totals between 4-8″ with isolated higher amounts especially towards southwest Colorado where this next system looks to impact the most.  Here is the NWS snow prediction over the next two days:

Generally most areas are between 3-6″, with higher elevations in the 8-12″ range, with southwestern Colorado receiving the brunt of this system with totals up to 24″ in some areas.  This will hinder any travel plans over the next couple of days with treacherous driving conditions as strong winds and heavy snow can cause white out conditions, favoring higher elevations and mountain passes. 

As for probabilities,  NWS chance of 2″ or more can be seen here:

As you can see, most areas will receive at least 2″ of snow for the Colorado High Country.  Here is the probability of receiving 6″ or more:

Most areas in higher elevations have better than a 50% chance of receiving 6 or more inches of snow over the next two days, with Vail and southwest Colorado at 77% and 82% respectively.  As for more snow?  Here is 12″ or greater per NWS probabilities:

Here we finally see most areas in Colorado’s high country not receiving a foot of snow over the next couple of days, although still a 50% chance for southwest Colorado and a 30% chance Vail.  As for 18″ or greater:

Still a slight chance southwest Colorado could see over 18″ of snow in the next couple of days on an already large amount of accumulated snow.  

What has all this snow resulted in?  A very strong Colorado snow pack this year as Colorado’s statewide SWE (Snow Water Equivalent) has reached 129%, with southwest Colorado all the way up now to 131%, 138% respectively.  Very good snow fall in 2019 has helped tremendously in getting Colorado’s SWE above 100% and more snow is on its way!  Here is a look at Colorado’s SWE as of March 8th 2019:

With additional snow in the forecast, we could see Colorado’s statewide SWE climb to 150% which will be great for spring run off and hopefully decrease the drought conditions that have persisted over the last few years!



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